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Flare Acoustic Arts League
Affairs Of The Heart Mastering Engineer, Musician Background vocals, percussion Hands Of Fire
Blurry Demons/Marc Manning
Blurry Demons
Tract Records Engineer summer winter 2
Fort Hazel Producer, Engineer Awake Our Sleeping Sword
The Bobbleheads
Two Guitars Open Fire
PopPop Engineer, Mastering Engineer Saltzburg Is A City
Dog In The Room
MySpace release
self released Producer, Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Musician Synthesizer Enquiring Minds
Push Button For
iTunes single
Self Released Engineer, Musician Mix Engineer, Bass Guitar Chemistry Sex
John Moremen
Popstatic Producer, Engineer, Musician Bass, Background vocals You Have Seen Me
Jonathan Segel
Magnetic Engineer, Mastering Engineer, Musician Background vocals I Love You
Greg Lisher
Trains Change
Chisled Out Producer, Engineer, Musician Keyboards Television
LD and The New Criticism
Amoral Certitudes
Acuarela Mastering Engineer  
David Lewis
Ghost Rhymes
WOW Musician Bass guitar, backing vocals Whole Again
Victor Krummenacher
The Cock Crows At Sunrise
Magnetic/MVD Audio Engineer, Musician Keyboards If I Could Ride That Train
John Ashfield
Love Is Blue
PopPop Records Mastering Engineer By The Time I Get To Phoenix
The Sippy Cups
Electric Storyland!
Snacker Disc Producer, Engineer, Musician Keyboards Move Your Pants
Dew Claw
Geodesic Recordings Mastering Engineer Thinking Tall
The Guilty Party
It Doesn't Hurt
Evil Eye Records Mastering Engineer The One with the Hole
moth wranglers
A Very Magistery Christmas
Le Grand Magistery co-Producer, Writer, Performer Dear Santa
Camper Van Beethoven
"Garden Grove" (from Look At All The Love We Found: A Tribute To Sublime)
Cornerstone R.A.S. Producer Garden Grove
Dirty Power
A Small Offering
self released Mastering Engineer What Would Mountain Do?
John Ashfield
Distance To Empty
PopPop Engineer, Mastering Engineer The Watermelon Song
moth wranglers
Never Better
Magnetic Writer, Performer, co-Producer Never Said I'm Sorry
25 Suaves
I Want It Loud
Bastard Sun/Bulb Mastering Engineer All But Nothing
The Secrets of Family Happiness
self released Mastering Engineer American Lullaby
The Bobbleheads
Automatic Fun
PopPop Engineer, Mastering Engineer 37 Bus
Doug Hilsinger with Caroleen Beatty
Brian Eno's Taking Tiger Mountain (By Strategy)
DBK Works Mastering Engineer Burning Airlines Give You So Much More
Drop Quarters
"Two Yous" (from Every Word: A tribute to Let's Active)
Laughing Outlaw Performer, Producer  
Various Artists
Hot Hands (a tribute to Throwing Muses and Kristen Hersh)
Kuma-Chan Mastering Engineer  
Phantom Tollbooth
Beard of Lightning
Off Records Musician Piano, Organ Mascara Snakes
Pansy Division
Total Entertainment
Alternative Tentacles Producer, Engineer Who Treats You Right
Victor Krummenacher
Sans Soleil
Magnetic Mastering Engineer  
Jonathan Segel
Edgy Not Antsy
Magnetic Musician Background vocals Losing Touch
Victor Krummenacher
Magnetic co-Producer, Engineer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards, Background vocals Broken Wings
John Moremen
Bus Stop Producer, Engineer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards From the Outside
John Ashfield
Harmony Bunny
PopPop co-Producer, Engineer, Musician Keyboards, Background vocals Console Stereo
moth wranglers
Never Mind The Context
Magnetic Writer, Performer, co-Producer Turnabout
Planet Seven
The Tomorrow That Never Was
Default Engineer, Musician Bass guitar, Organ Underworld
Victor Krummenacher
Magnetic co-Producer, Engineer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards, Guitar, Background vocals Rose I Found
Alison Faith Levy
My World View
Magnetic Producer, Engineer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards, Tuba, Accordion Brilliant
Jonathan Segel
Scissors and Paper
Magnetic Musician Background vocals Wonder Woman
moth wranglers
"Turnabout" b/w "New Mission Terrace #47"
Motherwest Writer, Performer, co-Producer  
moth wranglers
"#13 Baby" (from Pixies Fuckin' Die: A tribute to The Pixies)
LifeLike Performer, co-Producer  
Chore Overload
Warpodisc Engineer Instant Ocean
John Wesley Harding
"Annan Water" (from Dynablob 3)
Wow Musician Bass guitar  
Planet Seven
Pleasurecraft Recovery Theme
Default Musician Bass guitar, Organ Satan's Handbag
Victor Krummenacher
St. John's Mercy
Magnetic Producer, Engineer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards, Background vocals Nothing Outside
Alison Faith Levy
The Fog Show
Magnetic Producer, Engineer Slow Fade
Immortal/Epic Musician Keyboards I'd Rather
John Moremen
...And The Sun Shines
Popstatic Producer, Musician Bass guitar ...And The Sun Shines
Granfaloon Bus
Sleeping Car
Trocadero Musician Tuba Free Gold Halo
The Neighbors
Power Pop Art
Bam Balam Records co-Producer Hole In My Life
The Mommyheads
"Moisture" (from Eyesore: A stab at The Residents)
Vaccination Musician Tuba Moisture
Victor Krummenacher
Out In The Heat
Magnetic co-Producer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards Sister And Me
Alison Faith Levy "The Scientist" b/w "Execution Day" Gilt Producer, Musician Bass guitar Execution Day
Alison Faith Levy Grumbelina Piece Of Mind Producer, Musician Bass guitar, Keyboards True Ring
King Missile
Atlantic Writer, Performer Love Is...
When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water
Bill Kennedy's Showtime
Shimmy Disc Performer Keyboards Aborigine
King Missile
"Our Jungle" (from the film soundtrack: Surf Ninjas)
Atlantic Writer, Performer, co-Producer Our Jungle
King Missile
Happy Hour
Atlantic Writer, Performer, co-Producer Detachable Penis
King Missile "Martin Scorsese" b/w "Nietzsche Sneezes" & "All Things Everywhere" Staplegun Writer, Performer, co-Producer  
King Missile
"Still The One" (from 20 More Explosive Fantastic Rockin' Mega Smash Hit Explosions!)
Pravda Performer, co-Producer  
King Missile
"Get Up" (from Surprise Your Pig: A tribute to R.E.M.)
Staplegun Performer, co-Producer Get Up
When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water
Shimmy Disc Performer, Engineer Intro/Summertime
Resonance Producer, Engineer Anorexia Nirvana
King Missile
The Way To Salvation
Atlantic Writer, Performer, co-Producer My Heart Is A Flower
Space Mountain
Alias co-Producer I Dream of Jeannie
Wonderama "Padre Pio: The Stigmatist" b/w "Out of Focus/Gold/Out of Focus" Ajax Producer, Engineer  
King Missile
"Life" (from What Else Do You Do: A compilation of quiet music)
Shimmy Disc Writer, Performer Life
King Missile
"Doubleback Alley" (from Rutles Highway Revisited)
Shimmy Disc Performer Doubleback Alley
When People Were Shorter And Lived Near The Water
Shimmy Disc Musician Accordion, Tuba With Pen in Hand
King Missile
Mystical Shit
Shimmy Disc Writer, Performer Jesus Was Way Cool
Wonderama "Everyday Should Be My Birthday" b/w "Cream Puff War" Ajax Producer, Engineer  
Phantom Tollbooth "We're Paid By The Word" (from One Way Conversation) Homestead Musician Piano We're Paid by the Word
Phantom Tollbooth eponymous Homestead co-Producer  
Phantom Tollbooth "Valley of The Gwangi" b/w "Flip Yer Lid" Homestead Producer Valley of the Gwangi